Boots and Bottles, Aug 26/17, California

  • Avio Winery 14520 Ridge Road Sutter Creek, CA, 95685 United States
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Fitness, food, and fun - set in the breathtakingly beautiful Avio Vineyards. In this full-day adventure, you will be guided through mindful movement practices while being properly nourished (& educated) with the fuel your body needs to thrive for optimal holistic health.

Check out scenes from our last retreat:

On August 26th, we are excited to invite you to join us for a day designed to offer the perfect combination of empowering your body physically through a selection of bootcamp classes, guided hikes, water aerobics, and a yoga practice. You'll be nutritionally recharged in-between each and every physical exploration with specially designed and prepared recipes to nourish you from the inside-out! Of course, they'll be adequate amounts of wine-tasting, lounging, and a few other glorious options for truly treating yourself throughout the day.

If you're ready to treat your body, mind, and soul to a complete awakening and restoration, in an extravagantly landscaped sanctuary, with an opening and supportive community, Boots and Bottles is your one-day accessible retreat solution.

Here's what we have in store for you...

Get Charged: The Complete Guide to Breakfast for a Powerful Day Ahead

No doubt you will be perfectly fuelled for the full day's festivities in store for you. Join your hosts Kiki (from Mindfully Edible & Meal Garden) and Sandra (from SASS Fitness) as they welcome you amongst a breakfast spread to remember - high-protein and fitness-friendly! As always, there will be equally delicious vegan options available for those following a plant-based diet. Arrive hungry and savour the food as well as the education on how to build the right first meal of the day for you - considering physical activity level and personal goals as well as health concerns.

Vine to Wine: A Hiking Tour Filled with Memorable Views & History

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Be guided through the grounds by owner Lisa Watson, as she invites you to explore and fall in love with the fantasy land she gets to call home.


Bootcamp: For the Hardcore Fitness Enthusiasts 

Ready to take your body on an empowering challenge head to toe? Starting your day with fire energy can be as exhilarating as it is beneficial to overall long-term health. This workout will be accessible for all levels, but regardless will have you "feeling it" the next day - in all of the best ways, of course!

Smokey Plant-Powered BBQ Extravaganza

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In true summer-party-mode, we'll be serving up burgers, BBQ, and ice-cream - all in a surprisingly nutritious yet still smokey & indulgently delicious way. Beet burgers, superfoods on the barbie, nice cream, and a few other special treats that will have your eyes wide open to a totally new revamp on the traditional American picnic. Sticking to Mindfully Edible best practices, all food will be just as nourishing as it is indulgent.

Gut-Friendly Beverages & Foods Workshop

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From kombucha to kimchi to coconut kefir, learn everything there is to know about fermenting teas and foods to provide your body with the necessary good bacterias that are an essential element for overall health (it all starts in your gut!).

Get Crafty

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Get reacquainted with your creative side as you try your hand at aromatherapy recipes for your bath, body, and home. You'll walk away with a beautiful take-home self-made goodie which you can keep for yourself or gift to a loved one.

Swim Amongst the Views: Aqua Aerobics 


If you're ready to take it up a notch - opt for some more fitness in the pool with Sandra. Set above the rolling hills of Avio Winery, this is by far the most relaxing scenery you're going to do an aqua class in - ever.

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Wine and Dine

Since we're in a winery after all, it would be rude to not be led through a proper wine-tasting. Join owner Stefano Watson as he walks you (& your tastebuds) through the premium wines that Avio Winery has to offer. Meanwhile, Kiki will be offering vegan nut cheese and other excitingly odd nibbles and edibles to keep your pallets well occupied.

Yoga in the Barrel Room

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Move over goat yoga - the next best new trendy way to downward dog is amongst fermenting grapes! A candle-lit barrel room is where you'll wind down and re-attune to your physical and spiritual self in this flow and restorative practice.

Closing Raw Cacao Ceremony

For the love of chocolate, a powerful delivery system of nutrients and healing for the body and mind - we will complete the day's adventure with an opening of the heart with the help of cacao! You'll each be offered a ceremonial dose of cacao along with an invitation to take part in the rituals of this sacred process. It will be a end for the books as our intention is to wrap up with a chocolatey bang!


Meet your hosts...

Sandra Augustin & Kiki Athanassoulias



A 20-year (plus) veteran to the fitness industry as a model & competitor, she is also the owner of SASS Fitness -  a personal training business serving an all female clientele in the Sacramento area. She has a no-nonsense yet motherly approach to pushing you to your (safe!) limit - plus she's hilarious with it.


Founder of Mindfully Edible, Director of Community at Meal Garden; Kiki is a holistic health advocate with a passion for spreading her love of nourishing foods to inspire people to eat mindfully (and have SO much fun being a healthy warrior!)

So if you're ready to treat yourself to a day you won't regret or forget, and go home with a new sense of self (and of course a few recipes!), we invite you to join us on August 26th for Boots and Bottles at Avio Winery. 

Registration for this event is $275* all inclusive**.

  • *$250 if you sign up before July 1st
  • **$25 off for Avio Wine Club Members

Reserve your spot by filling out the form below - we will contact you within 24 hours to send you the details for next steps! xo

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Here's what past attendees of Mindfully Edible Retreats had to say...

The day was carefully planned to provide a perfect blend of relaxation, renewal, rejuvenation and education. Three gorgeous and delicious vegan meals provided ample fuel for a scenic hike and yin yoga. Kiki’s humourous, kind and passionate energy set the tone for the day, while Sandra’s calm, compassionate spirit ensured seamless transitions throughout the day. In addition, for those who chose, there was high quality boutique wine tastings coupled with a crash course on vineyard management. Bravo for an excellent retreat!
— Kristi P.
My experience at Camp Anthea was nothing short of AMAZING. It was truly an experience I’ll never forget!
— Megan D.
Had a fabulous time at the recent Mindfully Edible Retreat. Gained new insight, relaxed, and got some great new healthful recipes. And on my second batch of kombucha - and loving making this healthy probiotic drink. Thank you, Kiki!
— Trisha G.
Something I really took out of the retreat was the idea of mindfully eating - I’ve noticed through doing this that I feel a lot more satisfied when eating (and not that gross food coma feeling I use to always get).
I also really enjoyed the advice that was given to take a moment every morning to state my intentions for the day - even if my intentions are just something like taking my dog for a walk. I’ve realized it makes my days feel as though they have more purpose and have truly proved to be more successful when I follow through with those intentions.
So again thank you so much! The retreat was lovely and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to join you and all the wonderful ladies that were there!
— Trinity B.

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