Lole Women: Papaya Mousse with Roasted Gooseberries

There’s nothing like papaya to make you feel serious tropical vibes. This chilled mousse served with roasted gooseberries is the perfect start (or sweet ending) to a beautiful summer day.

Papaya also just so happens to be super-rich in lycopene, one of the most powerful antioxidants and therefore DNA protectors out there! The mousse is vegan, but it’s still totally creamy and rich thanks to the Brazil nuts. Jam-packed with selenium and anti-inflammatory properties, this recipe will nourish you (& your Instagram) to the nth degree.

Deux Magazine: Let them have Rose

The day I realized that rose petals are 1. totally edible and 2. actually contain loads of gorgeous health benefits, was a really, really, good day.

In fact, there are countless types of edible florals that make for a mighty-fine tea and can literally bring out the divine-essence within us all. Let’s start with the classic favorite: rose petals (or buds). Often used in Ayurveda medicine, rose tea is jam-packed with vitamin C (and just that much more glamorous than munching on an orange – let’s be real!). Furthermore, it makes you feel better - promoting an uplifting effect on the nervous system and helping to relieve insomnia, depression, and fatigue.

Kiki Athanassoulias
Good Day Sacramento

I was super stoked (and nervous!) to join Courtney from Good Day sharing some squash-tastic recipes from my newly launched Holistic Health Toolkit! Enjoy watching me awkwardly get way too serious about this root veggie (but seriously you can throw this stuff in ANYTHING).

Kiki Athanassoulias
Deux Magazine: The Art of Being a Squash

To begin, the term squash actually refers to a categorization of a type of gourd - of which there are various types. Sticking with squash, there are 2 main types: summer and winter. While, it's a bit misleading...summer squash is available all winter long, while winter squash is generally on the market in late summer and during the fall - as well as, yes, winter.

Kiki Athanassoulias
Lole: How to Waste Less Food in Our Everyday Life

Whether you’re looking to save money on groceries, reduce your environmental impact and footprint, or you’re just flat-out sick of finding spoiled fruits and veggies at the back of your fridge (enduring the depressing process of throwing out once perfectly edible food) – this read is for you.

Kiki Athanassoulias
The Hearty Soul: Love Bagels And Cream Cheese? The Recipe That Anyone Avoiding Gluten Or Dairy Needs To Try

Having a morning ritual is a beautiful thing. The way you start your day says a lot about how you intend to spend the rest of it (1). Hopefully, you use this time to manifest the greatness that you want to achieve for the next several hours ahead of you – whether that is the success at work, or taking some needed rest and spending a day on self-love and care.

Kiki Athanassoulias
My Sweet Mission: Vegan Fruit Loaf

This healthy Vegan Fruit Loaf recipe makes use of spelt flour and all the natural sweetness of dried fruit – without any added sugar or oils. It’s full of healthy fats and loaded with fiber, serving as a wonderful breakfast or on-the-go snack. Kiki created this Vegan Fruit Loaf that’s dense but moist, because every bite has a nice dewiness from the dried fruits.

Kiki Athanassoulias
Deux Magazine: Summer's Last Picnic

We all get it: that dreaded “I didn’t savor summer for all it’s worth” feeling that swoops in come September, and by the time it hits, it’s already too late the moment has passed.

Well, summer’s bitter end might be near, but there’s still time to fit in one last picnic, and an evening one at that – assuming you know how to pack appropriately. Breezy, dare I say – mildly frigid – September nights call for picnic baskets filled with foods that will warm you up from the inside. That means spices like turmeric, an anti-inflammatory known to improve blood circulation, and cinnamon, a flavor enhancer loaded with antioxidants that also boasts a powerful anti-diabetic effect, deserve a feature role. 

Kiki Athanassoulias
Deux Magazine: Kimchi : It's a Gut Feeling

Koreans are on to something, and the world has finally caught-on.

Koreans’ tend to have remarkable good health, noticeably great skin, and increased immunity to diseases. Is it because it is a country that scores high on the Happiness Index? Perhaps the truth is in the pudding…and in this case… a side-dish called Kimchi. And let me tell you, they have it as a side to just about EVERY dish.

In case you’re not up to date when it comes to worldly cuisine, let me bring you up to speed: Kimchi is a fermented vegetable mixture consisting mainly of Napa cabbage, complemented by other tasty ingredients like daikon radish, carrots, green onions, garlic, ginger, chilli flakes, and fish sauce. Its vegan version (i.e. without the fish sauce) has recently gained popularity - to no surprise, as folks obviously want in on this probiotic goodness too.

Kiki Athanassoulias
Alexandra Napoli: Kimchi: You’re Definitely Not Eating Enough

Kimchi is a Korean dish consisting of fermented veggies – sounds scrumptious, right? It’s mainly Napa cabbage complimented by daikon radish, carrots, green onions, garlic, ginger, and a fish-based chili sauce. Now, just because none of the ingredients listed happen to be kale, quinoa, or goji berries – this doesn’t rule out Kimchi as a total “superfood” star!

Kiki Athanassoulias
Lolë: Smoothie Bowls: The Next Best Thing You Need to Try

Being a smoothie bowl fanatic myself, I’m sometimes a little surprised when people ask, “What’s a smoothie bowl?”

A breakfast of champions, a mid-morning snack, or a well-balanced meal (that doesn’t have to be sweet), smoothie bowls are truly an enjoyable and easy way to get loads of nutrients in,with the bonus of cooling you off on hot summer days!

While often confused with acai bowls or “nice cream” (i.e. a blend of frozen bananas + other “superfoods”), smoothie bowls can actually be SO MUCH MORE!

Kiki Athanassoulias